Why Trump Called the Apple CEO “Tim Apple”

Trump did it again. US President is known for attributing nicknames to people like – Jeff Bozo for Jeff Bezos and Lockheed Martin for Marillyn Hewson. Now Apple CEO is on the receiving end. In Wednesday meeting of American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, Trump referred to Time Cook as Tim Apple. When the news spread out, many wondered whether the attribution was deliberate. But according to reports, the reference seems to be a slip of tongue rather than a thought out one. Hopefully “Tim Apple” doesn’t mind.


The Last Car Made By Laid Off GM Workers

GM has stopped operations at Lordstown-Ohio plant. Many workers who were hired in their 20s had to bid goodbye to their beloved workplace. The factory has been operational since 1966. GM has been facing difficulties since 2006. The rescue steps of Obama era helped GM but only for a short period of time. The growing demand for SUVs and GM’s failure to launch new attractive models lead to the decline. As the crisis deepened, GM had no choice but to lay off a large portion of the workforce. Thousands of workers left the Lordstown plant with memories to cherish for the rest of their lives. The plant has produced over 16 million cars so far. Do you know the last one that rolled out – A Chevrolet Cruze.

What Is Worrying Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg recently gave an interview to Nicholas Thompson of Wired. The context was the Facebook CEO’s new vision for future communication on all his platforms. Towards the end of the interview, Zuckerberg described what really worries him regarding the future. One highlight of the vision is to ensure private and safe encrypted one to one messaging. While building a robust secured platform, there could be a tradeoff that Zuckerberg is worried about. The tradeoff is a reduced ability to detect signals if messaging is used for harmful activities.

Clash Of Titans: Why Huawei Is Suing Mighty US

Huawei serves 170 out of 190 countries and is the world’s largest telecom-equipment manufacturer. Huawei values the US as a tremendous market. But the recent ban on 5G equipment has brought the corporate and the world’s most powerful country at loggerheads. As a final resort, Huawei has sued the US in the US. In a case filed at a Plano court, the company says the ban under the National Defence Authorization Act is unconstitutional. The main argument of Huawei is that the US has no substantial evidence on espionage charges. The legal clash of titans has begun. Let us see who wins.

New Range A Tesla Supercharger Can Add Within 5 Minutes

Competition is fierce in the electric car segment. Demand for more range per charge is growing. Time is precious and every minute saved while charging is going to add on to the competitive edge of a provider. Tesla knows this and is continuously boosting the capability of the 12,000 chargers across the country. The latest news is this – The superchargers can now add more range than they would previously. The new range boost is available for Model 3 as of now. Do you know the range that can be added in just 5 minutes of charge – A whopping 75 miles!