5 Reasons Why February’s Meagre 20K Jobs Addition Is Alarming

February employment data published in the Bureau of Labor Statistics is alarming. Below are 5 key reasons.

  1. Only 20,000 jobs added in Feb is the lowest since September 2017.
  2. Jobs addition fell far below several estimates. For example, institutions like Refinitiv and Marketwatch had estimated over 170,000-180,000 jobs.
  3. Construction, a key sector lost 31,000 jobs. (The sector had added over 50K jobs in January.)
  4. Manufacturing added just 4K jobs. This figure is 1/5th of the average monthly addition over the year.
  5. The jobs gain of February is just 6% of the January gain.

These 5 Sectors Added New Jobs Despite Meager 20K Jobs Addition In February

Feb’s 20,000 job addition is a 17 month low since September 2017. However, below are the 5 sectors that registered positive growth.

  1. Professional and Business services – 42,000
  2. Wholesale Trade – 10,900
  3. Financial Activities – 6,000
  4. Manufacturing – 4000
  5. Education and Health services – 4000

This Is How Trump’s Trade War Hammered 5 Chinese & Asian Indices Today

Friday (March 8) has not been good for the Asian markets. Chinese exports data plunged over 20% in Feb 2019 compared to Feb 2018. Experts believe the trade war is beginning to hurt the Chinese economy. Let us see how 5 major indexes nosedived today.

  1. Shanghai composite index tumbled by over 135 points. The decline was over 4%.
  2. Nikkei 225 of Japan dropped by 430 points. The decline was over 2%.
  3. Hongkong’s Hang Seng fell by over 551 points. The slump was over 1.9%.
  4. Shenzhen’s SZSE Component plunged by over 310 points. The decline was over 3.25%.
  5. Another major index of Shanghai, SSE 100, fell by over 202 points or 3.7%.

This Is Why Elon Musk Will Remember This Friday (March 8th) For The Rest Of His Life

Elon Musk is going through hardships as far as Tesla is concerned. However, the story of SpaceX is quite different. SpaceX had begun the project Dragon 2 in 2014. The objective of the craft is to carry NASA astronauts to International Space Station and safely return them to earth. This is the first time a private entity has got approval for such a mission.

Now the first step towards the dream project is complete. The Crew Dragon has now successfully completed the test shuttle. A few days ago, the docking with the international space station was picture perfect. Now, on March 8th 2019, the capsule has completed the test mission by splashing in the Atlantic.

These Are The Tesla’s 5 Biggest 1 Day Gains In History

Below is a list of biggest 1-day gains of Tesla in history (Until Feb 12, 2019).

  1. 25.7% Gain On 29th June 2010
  2. 19.9% Gain On 10th November 2010
  3. 14.8% Gain On 14th January 2014
  4. 13.5% Gain On 4th April 2018
  5. 12.9% Gain On 17th July 2013