Here Is Why Tesla Shareholders Sued Elon Musk In A Delaware Court

Elon Musk recent tweets have given investors sleepless nights. For example, a few months back, Musk had tweeted about taking Tesla private. This worried shareholders and SEC alike. Eventually, SEC fined Musk. Later when Musk tweeted about producing 500K cars in 2019 and corrected later, investors were worried again. Their concern is regarding the damage such tweets can cause to their investment in the share market.

Now in a Delaware court, a group of investors have filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk. The suit is aimed at curtailing Musk from tweeting inaccurate messages.


How Elizabeth Warren Plans To End Monopoly Of Amazon And Facebook

Big tech companies like Google, Amazon and Facebook enjoy a monopoly in their respective markets. Sure, their ability and quality of service are fantastic but their monopoly has an unintended consequence. The sheer presence of tech giants deter competition and stop innovation at the level of startups. For example, only very few young entrepreneurs will ever try building a better eCommerce site than Amazon. Usual regulations don’t address the issue.

Democratic presidential candidate has an idea that could solve the problem. The idea is to break up and ‘specially’ regulate tech giants valued more than 25$ billion dollars.

What Happened To Boeing 777 That Met Turbulence Before JFK Landing

It happened this Saturday. A plane belonging to Turkish Airlines was flying from Istanbul to New York. When the plane was approaching the JFK airport, New York, severe turbulence hit the plane. Close to 30 passengers were severely injured according to reports. However, authorities of Fire Department, New York City (FDNY) have conveyed none of the injuries is life-threatening.

The passengers can consider themselves lucky as on-air turbulence incidences have had far worse impacts in the past. Let us pray for the speedy recovery of the injured.

One Support (No China, No Russia) Helps Maduro Retain Power Despite US Pressure

Almost all of the West is against him. US is pressing for a transition of power from Maduro to Guaido. The US is strongly in favor of Guaido taking over as Venezuelan president.

Not just the US, the entire west is building up the pressure. So far the demand has been only verbal but the situation could change quickly. Sure Maduro enjoys some support from the East. Russia and China are with him. But he doesn’t value them on lines with another key support.

He believes one helping hand with heart and soul. That loyal entity has helped him through the crisis despite direct warnings from the US president. We are talking about the Venezuelan military which Maduro recently thanked for defeating a coup by the West.

5 Most Favored Democratic Presidential Candidates, As Per Lowa Poll

A poll was recently conducted at Lowa. Democratic caucus-goers have voted the most favored candidates running for president. The first two have outnumbered the rest by a huge margin. Let us see the top 5 candidates and their vote percentages.

  1. Joe Biden – 27%
  2. Bernie Sanders – 25%
  3. Elizabeth Warren – 9%
  4. Kamala Harris – 7%
  5. Beto O’Rourke – 5%