When A 50 Billion$ Chip-Maker Surprised Wall Street

Dear Reader,
The wall street was surprised when the 50$ billion dollar chipmaker, Micron Technologies, announced Nov Q1 results. You will see why.


The company reported earnings/share about 8 times higher than last year (quarter-on-quarter basis). The rise was from 32 cents to a remarkable 2.45$. Is that all?

Also, the company beat the expectations by analysts by a big margin. The expectation was just 2.20$ per share. The deviation from the expected figure was above 10%. And how did the market react?

No wonders, the market closed on a high during Monday evening (Dec, 19). The price closed at 43.98. This is higher than Friday nights close by about 4%. How the company produced a positive delight for wall street…


A short (superficial) statement by the CEO mentions – cost competitiveness, increased gross margins and some strategic decisions as reasons for positive results. However, one this is clear, the company knows what it is doing and is doing right!

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