HARSCO CORP Revenue History By Year And By Quarter

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This report will help you learn the revenue history of HARSCO CORP by ear as well as by each quarter. You will find 5 useful sections including yearly and quarterly revenue charts and a display of highest and lowest quarters. In several sections, you will see inflation adjusted revenues in addition to the reported figures.


Below is a table of contents to help you navigate between the sections.

  1. HARSCO CORP Revenue History Chart
  2. HARSCO CORP Quarterly Revenue History
  3. 5 Highest Quarterly Revenues of HARSCO CORP
  4. 5 Lowest Revenue Quarters of HARSCO CORP

The data used in this report is between 2008 and 2017. The range consists of 10 years and 27 quarters.

1 HARSCO CORP Revenue History Chart

This section starts with a revenue history chart for HARSCO CORP between 2008 and 2017. Heights of the bar will help you visualize the revenue by year.

HARSCO CORP Revenue History Chart

Now let us see a table displaying the revenues of HARSCO CORP year by year. The second column shows revenue in absolute dollars while the third column shows the inflation (CPI urban) adjusted revenues. The last column shows how yearly revenues have differed from that of the first year under observation, 2008.

YearRevenues ($)In Million ($)Inflation Adjusted Revenue (Million)Revenue-change From Previous Year
200929905770002990.583500.35-977.243 (-24.63%)
201030386780003038.683499.2548.098 (1.61%)
201133027400003302.743686.96264.06 (8.69%)
201230460180003046.023331.43-256.722 (-7.77%)
201328965200002896.523122.19-149.5 (-4.91%)
201420662880002066.292191.72-830.232 (-28.66%)
201517230920001723.091825.53-343.198 (-16.61%)
201614512230001451.221518.34-271.867 (-15.78%)
201716070620001607.061646.31155.842 (10.74%)

2 HARSCO CORP Quarterly Revenue History

Let us now see a simple line graph displaying the quarterly revenue of HARSCO CORP between 2008 and 2017. The direction of the line will help you visualize if the revenue has grown between two successive quarters.

HARSCO CORP Quarterly Revenue History

Below is a table displaying the quarterly revenues of HARSCO CORP in dollars as well as Million of dollars. The third and the final columns are quite similar to the ones you saw in the first section.

Quarter-YearRevenues ($)In Million ($)Inflation Adjusted Quarterly Revenue (Million)Revenue-change From Previous Quarter
Q2-2010742406000742.41847.1-1.814 (-0.24%)
Q3-2010786521000786.52896.6244.111 (5.94%)
Q4-2010752401000752.4855.17-34.119 (-4.34%)
Q2-2011779055000779.06859.4426.655 (3.54%)
Q3-2011875091000875.09961.4696.031 (12.33%)
Q4-2011855864000855.86941.75-19.226 (-2.2%)
Q2-2012752335000752.34814.57-103.525 (-12.1%)
Q3-2012770575000770.58832.4818.235 (2.42%)
Q4-2012756783000756.78817.29-13.797 (-1.79%)
Q2-2013715395000715.4763.94-41.385 (-5.47%)
Q3-2013759736000759.74808.2444.336 (6.2%)
Q4-2013740045000740.05789.48-19.695 (-2.59%)
Q2-2014512483000512.48536.26-227.567 (-30.75%)
Q3-2014535344000535.34559.5422.864 (4.46%)
Q4-2014526377000526.38554.62-8.963 (-1.67%)
Q2-2015451579000451.58472.71-74.801 (-14.21%)
Q3-2015455747000455.75475.814.167 (0.92%)
Q4-2015428334000428.33449.22-27.416 (-6.02%)
Q2-2016353281000353.28365.98-75.049 (-17.52%)
Q3-2016369933000369.93381.9516.653 (4.71%)
Q4-2016367787000367.79378.9-2.143 (-0.58%)
Q2-2017372541000372.54378.724.751 (1.29%)
Q3-2017394898000394.9399.8622.358 (6%)
Q4-2017384653000384.65388.05-10.247 (-2.59%)
Q2-2018408038000408.04403.8723.388 (6.08%)
Q3-2018431972000431.97426.1523.932 (5.87%)

3 5 Highest Quarterly Revenues of HARSCO CORP

Below is a table showing the 5 best quarters (in terms of revenue) for HARSCO CORP. The final column shows how each of the listed quarters differed from the best performed quarter Q3-2011.

Quarter-YearRevenues ($)In Million ($)Revenue-change From Highest Value (%)
Q4-2011855864000855.8619.226 (2.25%)
Q3-2010786521000786.5288.569 (11.26%)
Q2-2011779055000779.0696.035 (12.33%)
Q3-2012770575000770.58104.515 (13.56%)

Now you are going to see a bar graph corresponding to the data in the above table.

HARSCO CORP - 5 Highest Quarterly Revenues

4 5 Lowest Revenue Quarters of HARSCO CORP

Now let us see a table and graph describing the 5 lowest quarters for HARSCO CORP.

Quarter-YearRevenues ($)In Million ($)Revenue-change From Lowest Value (%)
Q4-2016367787000367.79-14.507 (-3.94%)
Q3-2016369933000369.93-16.653 (-4.5%)
Q2-2017372541000372.54-19.261 (-5.17%)
Q4-2017384653000384.65-31.373 (-8.16%)
HARSCO CORP - 5 Lowest Revenue Quarters


We hope the above report will help you in your analysis of revenues of HARSCO CORP.

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