ACCELRYS INC Revenue 2013

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This report gives you details of the revenue reported by ACCELRYS INC during 2013. You will find a quarterly breakdown of revenue as well as the growth between quarters. In addition, you will see a section on cost of revenue component.


This report contains 4 sections. Below is a table of contents to help you navigate between the sections.

  1. ACCELRYS INC Quarterly Revenue 2013
  2. ACCELRYS INC Revenue Growth In 2013 Vs 2012
  3. ACCELRYS INC Revenue Growth By Quarter 2013
  4. ACCELRYS INC Cost of Revenue 2013

1 ACCELRYS INC Quarterly Revenue 2013

The first section contains a quarterly revenue breakdown of ACCELRYS INC for the year 2013.

Below table contains the quarter-by-quarter revenue of ACCELRYS INC in numbers. The final column shows you the inflation-adjusted revenue figures.

QuarterRevenue ($)Revenue In $ MillionInflation Adjusted Revenue ($ Million)

Now you will see a visual representation of the data in the above table. Comparing the heights of the bars you will help you get an idea of the quarterly difference in values.

ACCELRYS INC Revenue Chart 2013

2 ACCELRYS INC Revenue Growth In 2013 Vs 2012

Any company is expected to grow the revenues year after year. This section helps you compare the revenues in 2012 against 2013 for ACCELRYS INC. Below table shows the revenue growth in percentage units (quarter by quarter).

QuarterRevenue $ (2012)Revenue $ (2013)Revenue Growth From Previous Year (%)

Now you will see a line chart with two curves representing ACCELRYS INC revenues for 2012 and 2013.

ACCELRYS INC Revenue Comparison 2012 and 2013

3 ACCELRYS INC Revenue Growth By Quarter 2013

This section helps you analyze the quarterly growth in revenues of ACCELRYS INC in 2013. You will find difference in values between quarters as well as a comparison to the first quarter of the year.

QuarterRevenue ($)Revenue-Growth From Previous Quarter ($)Revenue-Growth From First Quarter ($)
Q1-2013441940003695000 (9.12%)
Q2-201342138000-2056000 (-4.65%)-2056000 (-4.65%)
Q3-201339036000-3102000 (-7.36%)-5158000 (-11.67%)
Q4-2013408770001841000 (4.72%)-3317000 (-7.51%)

Below bar graph gives you the percentage growth of revenues of ACCELRYS INC between successive quarters.

ACCELRYS INC Revenue Growth Chart 2013

4 ACCELRYS INC - Cost of Revenue 2013

This section will help you find the direct costs incurred by ACCELRYS INC by associated with producing and delivering products. Below table contains the quarterly cost of revenue figures.

QuarterCost of Revenue ($)Cost of Revenue In $ MillionGrowth From Previous Quarter


We hope this report helps you to analyze the revenue performance of ACCELRYS INC in 2013.

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