Browse Reports of Forex Chart History – Part 2

| December 5, 2018
Currency Code Currency Name
DKK-AED Danish Krone to UAE Dirham
DKK-AFN Danish Krone to Afghani
DKK-ANG Danish Krone to Netherlands Antillean Guilder
DKK-ARS Danish Krone to Argentine Peso
DKK-AUD Danish Krone to Australian Dollar
DKK-BDT Danish Krone to Taka
DKK-BHD Danish Krone to Bahraini Dinar
DKK-BIF Danish Krone to Burundi Franc
DKK-BND Danish Krone to Brunei Dollar
DKK-BOB Danish Krone to Boliviano
DKK-BRL Danish Krone to Brazilian Real
DKK-BSD Danish Krone to Bahamian Dollar
DKK-BZD Danish Krone to Belize Dollar
DKK-CAD Danish Krone to Canadian Dollar
DKK-CDF Danish Krone to Congolese Franc
DKK-CHF Danish Krone to Swiss Franc
DKK-CLP Danish Krone to Chilean Peso
DKK-CNY Danish Krone to Yuan Renminbi
DKK-COP Danish Krone to Colombian Peso
DKK-CRC Danish Krone to Costa Rican Colon
DKK-CVE Danish Krone to Cabo Verde Escudo
DKK-CZK Danish Krone to Czech Koruna
DKK-DJF Danish Krone to Djibouti Franc
DKK-DOP Danish Krone to Dominican Peso
DKK-DZD Danish Krone to Algerian Dinar
DKK-EGP Danish Krone to Egyptian Pound
DKK-ERN Danish Krone to Nakfa
DKK-EUR Danish Krone to Euro
DKK-FKP Danish Krone to Falkland Islands Pound
DKK-GBP Danish Krone to Pound Sterling
DKK-GHS Danish Krone to Ghana Cedi
DKK-GIP Danish Krone to Gibraltar Pound
DKK-GYD Danish Krone to Guyana Dollar
DKK-HKD Danish Krone to Hong Kong Dollar
DKK-HNL Danish Krone to Lempira
DKK-HTG Danish Krone to Gourde
DKK-HUF Danish Krone to Forint
DKK-IDR Danish Krone to Rupiah
DKK-ILS Danish Krone to New Israeli Sheqel
DKK-INR Danish Krone to Indian Rupee
DKK-IQD Danish Krone to Iraqi Dinar
DKK-IRR Danish Krone to Iranian Rial
DKK-JMD Danish Krone to Jamaican Dollar
DKK-JOD Danish Krone to Jordanian Dinar
DKK-JPY Danish Krone to Yen
DKK-KES Danish Krone to Kenyan Shilling
DKK-KHR Danish Krone to Riel
DKK-KMF Danish Krone to Comorian Franc
DKK-KRW Danish Krone to Won
DKK-KWD Danish Krone to Kuwaiti Dinar
DKK-KZT Danish Krone to Tenge
DKK-LAK Danish Krone to Lao Kip
DKK-LBP Danish Krone to Lebanese Pound
DKK-LRD Danish Krone to Liberian Dollar
DKK-LYD Danish Krone to Libyan Dinar
DKK-MAD Danish Krone to Moroccan Dirham
DKK-MDL Danish Krone to Moldovan Leu
DKK-MKD Danish Krone to Denar
DKK-MMK Danish Krone to Kyat
DKK-MNT Danish Krone to Tugrik
DKK-MUR Danish Krone to Mauritius Rupee
DKK-MWK Danish Krone to Malawi Kwacha
DKK-MXN Danish Krone to Mexican Peso
DKK-MYR Danish Krone to Malaysian Ringgit
DKK-MZN Danish Krone to Mozambique Metical
DKK-NAD Danish Krone to Namibia Dollar
DKK-NOK Danish Krone to Norwegian Krone
DKK-NZD Danish Krone to New Zealand Dollar
DKK-OMR Danish Krone to Rial Omani
DKK-PEN Danish Krone to Sol
DKK-PHP Danish Krone to Philippine Peso
DKK-PKR Danish Krone to Pakistan Rupee
DKK-PLN Danish Krone to Zloty
DKK-PYG Danish Krone to Guarani
DKK-QAR Danish Krone to Qatari Rial
DKK-RUB Danish Krone to Russian Ruble
DKK-RWF Danish Krone to Rwanda Franc
DKK-SAR Danish Krone to Saudi Riyal
DKK-SCR Danish Krone to Seychelles Rupee
DKK-SDG Danish Krone to Sudanese Pound
DKK-SEK Danish Krone to Swedish Krona
DKK-SGD Danish Krone to Singapore Dollar
DKK-SHP Danish Krone to Saint Helena Pound
DKK-SLL Danish Krone to Leone
DKK-SRD Danish Krone to Surinam Dollar
DKK-SYP Danish Krone to Syrian Pound
DKK-SZL Danish Krone to Lilangeni
DKK-THB Danish Krone to Baht
DKK-TND Danish Krone to Tunisian Dinar
DKK-TOP Danish Krone to Pa’anga
DKK-TRY Danish Krone to Turkish Lira
DKK-TTD Danish Krone to Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
DKK-TWD Danish Krone to New Taiwan Dollar
DKK-TZS Danish Krone to Tanzanian Shilling
DKK-UAH Danish Krone to Hryvnia
DKK-UGX Danish Krone to Uganda Shilling
DKK-USD Danish Krone to US Dollar
DKK-UYU Danish Krone to Peso Uruguayo
DKK-VND Danish Krone to Dong
DKK-VUV Danish Krone to Vatu
DKK-WST Danish Krone to Tala
DKK-XAF Danish Krone to CFA Franc BEAC
DKK-XOF Danish Krone to CFA Franc BCEAO
DKK-XPF Danish Krone to CFP Franc
DKK-YER Danish Krone to Yemeni Rial
DKK-ZAR Danish Krone to Rand
DKK-ZMW Danish Krone to Zambian Kwacha
DOP-AED Dominican Peso to UAE Dirham
DOP-AFN Dominican Peso to Afghani
DOP-ANG Dominican Peso to Netherlands Antillean Guilder
DOP-ARS Dominican Peso to Argentine Peso
DOP-AUD Dominican Peso to Australian Dollar
DOP-AWG Dominican Peso to Aruban Florin
DOP-BAM Dominican Peso to Convertible Mark
DOP-BDT Dominican Peso to Taka
DOP-BHD Dominican Peso to Bahraini Dinar
DOP-BIF Dominican Peso to Burundi Franc
DOP-BND Dominican Peso to Brunei Dollar
DOP-BOB Dominican Peso to Boliviano
DOP-BRL Dominican Peso to Brazilian Real
DOP-BSD Dominican Peso to Bahamian Dollar
DOP-BZD Dominican Peso to Belize Dollar
DOP-CAD Dominican Peso to Canadian Dollar
DOP-CDF Dominican Peso to Congolese Franc
DOP-CHF Dominican Peso to Swiss Franc
DOP-CLP Dominican Peso to Chilean Peso
DOP-CNY Dominican Peso to Yuan Renminbi
DOP-COP Dominican Peso to Colombian Peso
DOP-CRC Dominican Peso to Costa Rican Colon
DOP-CVE Dominican Peso to Cabo Verde Escudo
DOP-CZK Dominican Peso to Czech Koruna
DOP-DJF Dominican Peso to Djibouti Franc
DOP-DKK Dominican Peso to Danish Krone
DOP-DZD Dominican Peso to Algerian Dinar
DOP-EGP Dominican Peso to Egyptian Pound
DOP-ERN Dominican Peso to Nakfa
DOP-EUR Dominican Peso to Euro
DOP-FKP Dominican Peso to Falkland Islands Pound
DOP-GBP Dominican Peso to Pound Sterling
DOP-GHS Dominican Peso to Ghana Cedi
DOP-GIP Dominican Peso to Gibraltar Pound
DOP-GNF Dominican Peso to Guinean Franc
DOP-GTQ Dominican Peso to Quetzal
DOP-GYD Dominican Peso to Guyana Dollar
DOP-HKD Dominican Peso to Hong Kong Dollar
DOP-HNL Dominican Peso to Lempira
DOP-HTG Dominican Peso to Gourde
DOP-HUF Dominican Peso to Forint
DOP-IDR Dominican Peso to Rupiah
DOP-ILS Dominican Peso to New Israeli Sheqel
DOP-INR Dominican Peso to Indian Rupee
DOP-IQD Dominican Peso to Iraqi Dinar
DOP-IRR Dominican Peso to Iranian Rial
DOP-JMD Dominican Peso to Jamaican Dollar
DOP-JOD Dominican Peso to Jordanian Dinar
DOP-JPY Dominican Peso to Yen
DOP-KES Dominican Peso to Kenyan Shilling
DOP-KHR Dominican Peso to Riel
DOP-KMF Dominican Peso to Comorian Franc
DOP-KRW Dominican Peso to Won
DOP-KWD Dominican Peso to Kuwaiti Dinar
DOP-KZT Dominican Peso to Tenge
DOP-LAK Dominican Peso to Lao Kip
DOP-LBP Dominican Peso to Lebanese Pound
DOP-LRD Dominican Peso to Liberian Dollar
DOP-LYD Dominican Peso to Libyan Dinar
DOP-MAD Dominican Peso to Moroccan Dirham
DOP-MDL Dominican Peso to Moldovan Leu
DOP-MKD Dominican Peso to Denar
DOP-MMK Dominican Peso to Kyat
DOP-MNT Dominican Peso to Tugrik
DOP-MVR Dominican Peso to Rufiyaa
DOP-MWK Dominican Peso to Malawi Kwacha
DOP-MXN Dominican Peso to Mexican Peso
DOP-MYR Dominican Peso to Malaysian Ringgit
DOP-MZN Dominican Peso to Mozambique Metical
DOP-NAD Dominican Peso to Namibia Dollar
DOP-NOK Dominican Peso to Norwegian Krone
DOP-NZD Dominican Peso to New Zealand Dollar
DOP-OMR Dominican Peso to Rial Omani
DOP-PEN Dominican Peso to Sol
DOP-PHP Dominican Peso to Philippine Peso
DOP-PKR Dominican Peso to Pakistan Rupee
DOP-PLN Dominican Peso to Zloty
DOP-PYG Dominican Peso to Guarani
DOP-QAR Dominican Peso to Qatari Rial
DOP-RON Dominican Peso to Romanian Leu
DOP-RUB Dominican Peso to Russian Ruble
DOP-RWF Dominican Peso to Rwanda Franc
DOP-SAR Dominican Peso to Saudi Riyal
DOP-SCR Dominican Peso to Seychelles Rupee
DOP-SDG Dominican Peso to Sudanese Pound
DOP-SEK Dominican Peso to Swedish Krona
DOP-SGD Dominican Peso to Singapore Dollar
DOP-SHP Dominican Peso to Saint Helena Pound
DOP-SLL Dominican Peso to Leone
DOP-SRD Dominican Peso to Surinam Dollar
DOP-SVC Dominican Peso to El Salvador Colon
DOP-SYP Dominican Peso to Syrian Pound
DOP-SZL Dominican Peso to Lilangeni
DOP-THB Dominican Peso to Baht
DOP-TND Dominican Peso to Tunisian Dinar
DOP-TOP Dominican Peso to Pa’anga
DOP-TRY Dominican Peso to Turkish Lira
DOP-TTD Dominican Peso to Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
DOP-TWD Dominican Peso to New Taiwan Dollar
DOP-TZS Dominican Peso to Tanzanian Shilling
DOP-UAH Dominican Peso to Hryvnia
DOP-UGX Dominican Peso to Uganda Shilling
DOP-UYU Dominican Peso to Peso Uruguayo
DOP-VND Dominican Peso to Dong
DOP-VUV Dominican Peso to Vatu
DOP-WST Dominican Peso to Tala
DOP-XAF Dominican Peso to CFA Franc BEAC
DOP-XOF Dominican Peso to CFA Franc BCEAO
DOP-XPF Dominican Peso to CFP Franc
DOP-YER Dominican Peso to Yemeni Rial
DOP-ZAR Dominican Peso to Rand
DOP-ZMW Dominican Peso to Zambian Kwacha
DZD-AED Algerian Dinar to UAE Dirham
DZD-AFN Algerian Dinar to Afghani
DZD-ANG Algerian Dinar to Netherlands Antillean Guilder
DZD-ARS Algerian Dinar to Argentine Peso
DZD-AUD Algerian Dinar to Australian Dollar
DZD-AWG Algerian Dinar to Aruban Florin
DZD-BAM Algerian Dinar to Convertible Mark
DZD-BDT Algerian Dinar to Taka
DZD-BHD Algerian Dinar to Bahraini Dinar
DZD-BIF Algerian Dinar to Burundi Franc
DZD-BND Algerian Dinar to Brunei Dollar
DZD-BOB Algerian Dinar to Boliviano
DZD-BRL Algerian Dinar to Brazilian Real
DZD-BSD Algerian Dinar to Bahamian Dollar
DZD-BZD Algerian Dinar to Belize Dollar
DZD-CAD Algerian Dinar to Canadian Dollar
DZD-CDF Algerian Dinar to Congolese Franc
DZD-CHF Algerian Dinar to Swiss Franc
DZD-CLP Algerian Dinar to Chilean Peso
DZD-CNY Algerian Dinar to Yuan Renminbi
DZD-COP Algerian Dinar to Colombian Peso
DZD-CRC Algerian Dinar to Costa Rican Colon
DZD-CVE Algerian Dinar to Cabo Verde Escudo
DZD-CZK Algerian Dinar to Czech Koruna
DZD-DJF Algerian Dinar to Djibouti Franc
DZD-DKK Algerian Dinar to Danish Krone
DZD-DOP Algerian Dinar to Dominican Peso
DZD-EGP Algerian Dinar to Egyptian Pound
DZD-ERN Algerian Dinar to Nakfa
DZD-EUR Algerian Dinar to Euro
DZD-GBP Algerian Dinar to Pound Sterling
DZD-GHS Algerian Dinar to Ghana Cedi
DZD-GIP Algerian Dinar to Gibraltar Pound
DZD-GNF Algerian Dinar to Guinean Franc
DZD-GTQ Algerian Dinar to Quetzal
DZD-GYD Algerian Dinar to Guyana Dollar
DZD-HKD Algerian Dinar to Hong Kong Dollar
DZD-HNL Algerian Dinar to Lempira
DZD-HTG Algerian Dinar to Gourde
DZD-HUF Algerian Dinar to Forint
DZD-IDR Algerian Dinar to Rupiah
DZD-ILS Algerian Dinar to New Israeli Sheqel
DZD-INR Algerian Dinar to Indian Rupee
DZD-IQD Algerian Dinar to Iraqi Dinar
DZD-IRR Algerian Dinar to Iranian Rial
DZD-JMD Algerian Dinar to Jamaican Dollar
DZD-JOD Algerian Dinar to Jordanian Dinar
DZD-JPY Algerian Dinar to Yen
DZD-KES Algerian Dinar to Kenyan Shilling
DZD-KHR Algerian Dinar to Riel
DZD-KMF Algerian Dinar to Comorian Franc
DZD-KRW Algerian Dinar to Won
DZD-KZT Algerian Dinar to Tenge
DZD-LBP Algerian Dinar to Lebanese Pound
DZD-LRD Algerian Dinar to Liberian Dollar
DZD-LYD Algerian Dinar to Libyan Dinar
DZD-MAD Algerian Dinar to Moroccan Dirham
DZD-MDL Algerian Dinar to Moldovan Leu
DZD-MKD Algerian Dinar to Denar
DZD-MMK Algerian Dinar to Kyat
DZD-MNT Algerian Dinar to Tugrik
DZD-MUR Algerian Dinar to Mauritius Rupee
DZD-MVR Algerian Dinar to Rufiyaa
DZD-MWK Algerian Dinar to Malawi Kwacha
DZD-MXN Algerian Dinar to Mexican Peso
DZD-MYR Algerian Dinar to Malaysian Ringgit
DZD-MZN Algerian Dinar to Mozambique Metical
DZD-NAD Algerian Dinar to Namibia Dollar
DZD-NOK Algerian Dinar to Norwegian Krone
DZD-OMR Algerian Dinar to Rial Omani
DZD-PEN Algerian Dinar to Sol
DZD-PHP Algerian Dinar to Philippine Peso
DZD-PLN Algerian Dinar to Zloty
DZD-PYG Algerian Dinar to Guarani
DZD-QAR Algerian Dinar to Qatari Rial
DZD-RON Algerian Dinar to Romanian Leu
DZD-RUB Algerian Dinar to Russian Ruble
DZD-RWF Algerian Dinar to Rwanda Franc
DZD-SAR Algerian Dinar to Saudi Riyal
DZD-SCR Algerian Dinar to Seychelles Rupee
DZD-SDG Algerian Dinar to Sudanese Pound
DZD-SEK Algerian Dinar to Swedish Krona
DZD-SGD Algerian Dinar to Singapore Dollar
DZD-SHP Algerian Dinar to Saint Helena Pound
DZD-SLL Algerian Dinar to Leone
DZD-SVC Algerian Dinar to El Salvador Colon
DZD-SYP Algerian Dinar to Syrian Pound
DZD-SZL Algerian Dinar to Lilangeni
DZD-THB Algerian Dinar to Baht
DZD-TND Algerian Dinar to Tunisian Dinar
DZD-TOP Algerian Dinar to Pa’anga
DZD-TRY Algerian Dinar to Turkish Lira
DZD-TTD Algerian Dinar to Trinidad and Tobago Dollar
DZD-TWD Algerian Dinar to New Taiwan Dollar
DZD-TZS Algerian Dinar to Tanzanian Shilling
DZD-UAH Algerian Dinar to Hryvnia
DZD-UGX Algerian Dinar to Uganda Shilling
DZD-USD Algerian Dinar to US Dollar
DZD-UYU Algerian Dinar to Peso Uruguayo
DZD-VND Algerian Dinar to Dong
DZD-VUV Algerian Dinar to Vatu
DZD-WST Algerian Dinar to Tala
DZD-XAF Algerian Dinar to CFA Franc BEAC
DZD-XOF Algerian Dinar to CFA Franc BCEAO
DZD-XPF Algerian Dinar to CFP Franc
DZD-YER Algerian Dinar to Yemeni Rial
DZD-ZAR Algerian Dinar to Rand
DZD-ZMW Algerian Dinar to Zambian Kwacha