Forex Lowest Exchange Rate

| November 13, 2018

Dear Reader,
Below tool (Search/Navigation box) will help you learn about the lowest rates of currency pairs in history. You will know the time range of analysis in the respective reports. Currently, you will be able to find reports for about 155 listed currencies.

We will not stop by just displaying the lowest rate. You will find several useful analysis sections (up to 6 sections) including comparison to similar and strong currencies. Also, you will find 10 lowest weekly and monthly rates.

How To Use The Above Search/Navigation Box

Just begin typing the currency pair code. For example, let us say you want to analyze the comparison reports of Singapore Dollar (SGD) against US Dollar (USD). So your currency pair of interest is SGD-USD. In that case, if you start typing first few characters of SGD-USD you will see options that match the typed characters. You can choose the apt one from those.

Finding Search Box Difficult? Browse By Currency (Pair) Codes

If you find the above search box difficult, you can browse reports by currency pair codes (e.g USD-EUR). Due to an enormous number of currency pairs, we have categorized the pairs into four parts. Moreover, the entire browse pages (all parts) are organized in alphabetical order. Below are the four parts.