UAE Dirham (AED) To Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Lowest Exchange Rate

| November 13, 2018

This report analyzes the lowest exchange rate of UAE Dirham (AED) - Bulgarian Lev (BGN). The sections include the comparison to other similar currency pairs and losses during the lowest rate date. Additionally, you will find a section that analyzes how low other stronger currencies against AED have gone.

The time range of analysis of this report is between 2014-12-01 and 2018-10-01. We will update this report regularly once in about 2 to 3 months.


Below is a table of contents to help you navigate through the report.

  1. AED/BGN Lowest Exchange Rate
  2. 1-Week, 1-Month and 1-Year Losses During AED/BGN Lowest Rate
  3. Loss At Lowest Rate If You Had Bought UAE Dirham (AED) At Previous Highest Rate
  4. AED/BGN Lowest Rate Compared To 3 Of The Strongest Currencies
  5. AED/BGN Lowest Rate Compared To 3 Similar Currencies To Bulgarian Lev (BGN)
  6. AED to BGN - Top 10 Monthly & Weekly Lowest Rates

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1 AED/BGN Lowest Exchange Rate


The lowest rate for AED/BGN pair was 0.4239. The corresponding date was 2014-12-16. We will not just stop with mentioning the rate. Rather we will be using a common sense approach to assess the magnitude of the rate drop. The method is explained in the next paragraph.

We will begin by finding the year of occurrence of the lowest exchange rate. For that year, we will be computing the annual and monthly average rates. We will then compare both the averages against the lowest rate.

Below table lists the computed average rates as well as the difference between the lowest rate and the averages.

Duration Average Rate Lowest Rate Vs Averages
Year (2014)0.4302-1.46 %
Month (12-2014)0.4698-9.77 %

Below is a visual representation of the table you just saw. The below graph compares the average rates against the lowest rate of UAE Dirham (AED) - Bulgarian Lev (BGN).

UAE Dirham (AED) - Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Lowest Rate

2 1-Week, 1-Month and 1-Year Losses During AED/BGN Lowest Rate

Someone who invested in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) using UAE Dirham (AED) before the lowest rate day is bound to lose if he sold on that day. This section compares the losses one could have made by investing 1 week, 1 month and 1 year before the lowest exchange rate day.

Note: In case you see NA (Not Applicable) values in the below table that denotes a lack of data for the corresponding time range. For example, assume that the lowest rate was during the first week of the range of data used for this report. Then we will not be able to compute the value for someone who invested 1 year before.

Below table and graph represent the losses by investing in AED/BGN pair (subject to data availability) for 1 week, 1 month and 1 year before 2014-12-16.

Days Before Lowest CloseClose (Rate)Losses(%)
1 Week 2014-12-090.4297-1.35 %
1 Month NANANA
UAE Dirham (AED)-Bulgarian Lev (BGN) Stock Losses - Week, Month, Year

Subject to data availability, below table summarizes the impact on a 1000 BGN invested in AED 1 week, 1 month and 1 year before the lowest close rate date.

Days Before Lowest RateLosses(%)What happens to 1000 BGN invested?
1 Week -1.35 %986.5

3 Loss At Lowest Rate If You Had Bought AED At Previous Highest Rate

Buying at high and selling when low is worst case scenario for any Forex investor. This section helps you assess the potential damage for an investor who invested in AED/BGN during the highest rate day that occurred before the lowest rate day of 2014-12-16.

Previous Highest Rate DateClose (Rate)Lowest Close RateLosses(%)
2014-12-080.43360.4239-2.24 %

Above table has shown the losses in percentage. Now let us check the impact on a 1000 BGN invested. As per the loss percentage shown in the above table, the 1000 BGN would have become 977.6.

4 AED/BGN Lowest Rate Compared To 3 Of The Strongest Currencies

Now let us compare the lowest rate of AED/BGN pair with three others formed by 3 of the strongest currencies against AED. In other words, we will be analyzing 3 pairs with the selected strong currencies as quote currencies (denoted after the slash symbol.)

To pick the strongest currencies we follow a simple method. We just check those pairs with UAE Dirham (AED) as base currency (before slash symbol) which have exchange rates among the lowest for the recent 12 month period ending 2018-10-01. The corresponding quote currencies are among the strongest ones.

AED-BGN Lowest Rate Vs Strong Currencies

Now we are going to analyze the potential impact of the lowest rate on investments. There is no straightforward way to do it. However, we are going to do a simple analysis that will give you an idea of the potential losses. We are going to measure and compare the differences between the lowest rates and the average rates for the recent 12 month period between 2017-10-01 and 2018-10-01.

Recommended Reading: Have a look at the similar section in the AED/BGN highest rate report to learn more in detail about this method.

CurrencyPairLowest RateAvg RateLowest Vs Avg. Rates (%)Difference (%)
Bulgarian LevAED/BGN0.4255000.447607-4.94-
Kuwaiti DinarAED/KWD0.0815000.082265-0.934.01
Bahraini DinarAED/BHD0.1022000.102476-0.274.67
Rial OmaniAED/OMR0.1040000.104258-0.254.69

5 AED/BGN Lowest Rate Compared To 3 Similar Currencies To AED

In this section we are going to compare the performance ofAED/BGN against similar rate pairs but with AED as the base currency. In other words, the currency invested in will be the same in all the pairs under consideration. The range of observation is between 2014-12-01 and 2018-10-01

Below chart displays the lowest rates of BGN as well as 3 other similar currencies against AED.

AED to BGN Lowest Rate Alossest Similar Currencies

Below table lists the lowest rates of the currency pairs and a simple comparison. The final column shows the percentage difference between the lowest rates.

Note: A negative difference (last column value) for a currency pair indicates that the pair had lesser magnitude lowest rate than AED/AED.

CurrencyPairLowest RateDifference (%)
Bulgarian LevAED/BGN0.423900-
Convertible MarkAED/BAM0.4254000.35
Belarusian RubleAED/BYN0.50280018.61
Belize DollarAED/BZD0.53800026.92

6 AED to BGN - Top 10 Monthly & Weekly Lowest Rates

This sections displays the monthly and weekly average lowest rates for the currency pair - AED/BGN.

Top 10 Month-wise Highest Avg. Rates:

Month-YearAvg. Rate

Top 10 Weekly Highest Avg. Rates:

Week-YearAvg. Rate
Week 4-20180.427300
Week 48-20140.428367
Week 50-20140.428800
Week 9-20180.429200
Week 49-20140.429320
Week 6-20180.429380
Week 12-20180.429450
Week 15-20180.429980
Week 14-20180.430525
Week 10-20180.430800


Hopefully, the report will help you in your forex investing


We have validated the data to the best of our knowledge. If you find data inaccuracies kindly let us know using the contact form so that we can act promptly.

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