London Stocks Growth

| January 3, 2019More Stocks

Dear Reader,
Below tool (Search/Navigation box) will help you analyze the growth rate of stocks. Currently, you will be able to find reports for about 500+ London listed UK stocks.

Every report contains 4 sections. The first section is a recent one that deals with the monthly growth for the recent 52 weeks. The second section is rather a long-term analysis. You will find YOY growth for the past several years. The third section will display year by year rise as well growth rate for different terms like 1 year, 3 year, etc. Final section is for those who want more data points to analyze the recent growth. The final section will deal with weekly growth figures

Finding Search Box Difficult? Browse By Ticker

If you find the above search box difficult, you can browse reports (by ticker) from list of London stocks >> (in alphabetical order).

How To Use The Above Search/Navigation Box

Just begin typing the company symbol or name. For example, let us say you want to analyze the growth of 3I GROUP PLC (III) stock. In that case, you will be typing either III or 3I GROUP PLC. As you type, you will see options that match the typed characters.

What you will find in the report?

You will be finding details including monthly growth graph, yearly growth percentage and various terms growth performance.