Browse Volatility Of Nasdaq Stocks

| February 26, 2019
Browse By Ticker Name Year Volatility (Standard Deviation)
(from 2018-01-01 to 2018-12-31)
AABA Altaba Inc 6.46
AAL American Airlines Group Inc 7.31
AAME Atlantic American Corporation 0.36
AAOI Applied Optoelectronics Inc 9.42
AAON AAON Inc 2.96
AAPL Apple Inc 21.73
AAWW Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings 8.13
AAXJ iShares MSCI All Country Asia ex Japan Index Fund 3.36
AAXN Axon Enterprise Inc 14.07
ABAC Renmin Tianli Group Inc 0.50
ABCB Ameris Bancorp 7.12
ABCD Cambium Learning Group Inc 2.49
ABDC Alcentra Capital Corp 0.55
ABEO Abeona Therapeutics Inc 3.91
ABEOW Abeona Therapeutics Inc 3.55
ABIL Ability Inc 1.75
ABIO ARCA biopharma Inc 0.38
ABTX Allegiance Bancshares Inc 3.52
ABUS Arbutus Biopharma Corporation 2.26
ACAD ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc 4.81
ACBI Atlantic Capital Bancshares Inc 1.47
ACER Acer Therapeutics Inc 4.30
ACET Aceto Corporation 2.84
ACGL Arch Capital Group Ltd 1.49
ACGLO Arch Capital Group Ltd 0.93
ACGLP Arch Capital Group Ltd 0.94
ACHC Acadia Healthcare Company Inc 5.01
ACHN Achillion Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.57
ACHV Achieve Life Sciences Inc 1.69
ACIA Acacia Communications Inc 4.28
ACIU AC Immune SA 2.06
ACIW ACI Worldwide Inc 2.14
ACLS Axcelis Technologies Inc 3.30
ACMR ACM Research Inc 2.43
ACNB ACNB Corporation 4.01
ACOR Acorda Therapeutics Inc 4.63
ACRS Aclaris Therapeutics Inc 5.23
ACRX AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.71
ACSF American Capital Senior Floating Ltd 0.20
ACST Acasti Pharma Inc 0.23
ACT AdvisorShares Vice ETF 1.27
ACTG Acacia Research Corporation 0.38
ACWI iShares MSCI ACWI Index Fund 2.58
ACWX iShares MSCI ACWI ex US Index Fund 2.54
ACXM Acxiom Corporation 8.19
ADAP Adaptimmune Therapeutics plc 2.88
ADBE Adobe Systems Incorporated 22.25
ADES Advanced Emissions Solutions Inc 1.10
ADI Analog Devices Inc 5.21
ADMA ADMA Biologics Inc 1.04
ADMP Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation 0.61
ADMS Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc 8.76
ADP Automatic Data Processing Inc 12.22
ADRA BLDRS Asia 50 ADR Index Fund 2.20
ADRD BLDRS Developed Markets 100 ADR Index Fund 1.08
ADRE BLDRS Emerging Markets 50 ADR Index Fund 2.80
ADRO Aduro Biotech Inc 1.97
ADRU BLDRS Europe 100 ADR Index Fund 1.11
ADSK Autodesk Inc 11.59
ADUS Addus HomeCare Corporation 11.70
ADVM Adverum Biotechnologies Inc 1.28
ADXS Advaxis Inc 0.81
ADXSW Advaxis Inc 0.28
AEGN Aegion Corp 3.00
AEHR Aehr Test Systems 0.45
AEIS Advanced Energy Industries Inc 9.75
AEMD Aethlon Medical Inc 0.17
AERI Aerie Pharmaceuticals Inc 9.10
AETI American Electric Technologies Inc 0.31
AEY ADDvantage Technologies Group Inc 0.07
AEZS AEterna Zentaris Inc 0.70
AFH Atlas Financial Holdings Inc 3.54
AFHBL Atlas Financial Holdings Inc 0.63
AFMD Affimed NV 1.08
AFSI AmTrust Financial Services Inc 1.04
AGEN Agenus Inc 1.11
AGFS AgroFresh Solutions Inc 1.33
AGFSW AgroFresh Solutions Inc 0.15
AGIO Agios Pharmaceuticals Inc 13.21
AGLE Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc 1.37
AGNC AGNC Investment Corp 0.45
AGNCB AGNC Investment Corp 0.43
AGNCN AGNC Investment Corp 0.61
AGND WisdomTree Barclays Negative Duration US Aggregate Bond Fund 0.40
AGRX Agile Therapeutics Inc 1.22
AGTC Applied Genetic Technologies Corporation 1.17
AGYS Agilysys Inc 1.97
AGZD WisdomTree Barclays Interest Rate Hedged US Aggregate Bond F 0.21
AHPA Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp 19.11
AHPAU Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp 0.08
AHPAW Avista Healthcare Public Acquisition Corp 0.10
AHPI Allied Healthcare Products Inc 0.42
AIA iShares Asia 50 ETF 4.60
AIMC Altra Industrial Motion Corp 7.04
AIMT Aimmune Therapeutics Inc 4.24
AINV Apollo Investment Corporation 0.84
AIPT Precision Therapeutics Inc 0.17
AIRG Airgain Inc 1.72
AIRT Air T Inc 3.90
AKAM Akamai Technologies Inc 5.35
AKAO Achaogen Inc 4.35
AKBA Akebia Therapeutics Inc 2.73
AKCA Akcea Therapeutics Inc 4.96
AKER Akers Biosciences Inc 1.44
AKRX Akorn Inc 8.71
AKTS Akoustis Technologies Inc 1.23
AKTX Akari Therapeutics Plc 0.51
ALBO Albireo Pharma Inc 4.02
ALCO Alico Inc 2.32
ALDR Alder BioPharmaceuticals Inc 2.46
ALDX Aldeyra Therapeutics Inc 1.52
ALGN Align Technology Inc 61.15
ALGT Allegiant Travel Company 18.71
ALIM Alimera Sciences Inc 0.13
ALJJ ALJ Regional Holdings Inc 0.54
ALKS Alkermes plc 8.96
ALLT Allot Communications Ltd 0.65
ALNA Allena Pharmaceuticals Inc 2.78
ALNY Alnylam Pharmaceuticals Inc 19.58
ALOG Analogic Corporation 4.43
ALOT AstroNova Inc 2.67
ALPN Alpine Immune Sciences Inc 1.96
ALQA Alliqua BioMedical Inc 0.26
ALRM Alarmcom Holdings Inc 7.51
ALRN Aileron Therapeutics Inc 2.80
ALSK Alaska Communications Systems Group Inc 0.29
ALT Altimmune Inc 17.99
ALTR Altair Engineering Inc 4.84
ALXN Alexion Pharmaceuticals Inc 7.98
AMAG AMAG Pharmaceuticals Inc 3.38
AMAT Applied Materials Inc 8.50
AMBA Ambarella Inc 7.12
AMBC Ambac Financial Group Inc 2.15
AMBCW Ambac Financial Group Inc 1.50
AMCA iShares Russell 1000 Pure US Revenue ETF 0.96
AMCN AirMedia Group Inc 0.30
AMCX AMC Networks Inc 4.90
AMD Advanced Micro Devices Inc 6.00
AMED Amedisys Inc 27.70
AMEH Apollo Medical Holdings Inc 3.60
AMGN Amgen Inc 11.20
AMKR Amkor Technology Inc 1.44
AMMA Alliance MMA Inc 4.34
AMNB American National Bankshares Inc 2.89
AMOT Allied Motion Technologies Inc 5.91
AMOV America Movil SAB de CV 1.64
AMPH Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc 1.76
AMRB American River Bankshares 0.75
AMRH Ameri Holdings Inc 0.90
AMRHW Ameri Holdings Inc 0.27
AMRK A Mark Precious Metals Inc 0.86
AMRN Amarin Corporation plc 6.93
AMRS Amyris Inc 1.45
AMRWW Alta Mesa Resources Inc 0.71
AMSC American Superconductor Corporation 2.38
AMSWA American Software Inc 1.81
AMTD TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation 3.55
AMTX Aemetis Inc 0.42
AMWD American Woodmark Corporation 23.33
AMZN Amazoncom Inc 187.33
ANAB AnaptysBio Inc 16.76
ANAT American National Insurance Company 6.29
ANCB Anchor Bancorp 1.74
ANCX Access National Corporation 1.94
ANDE The Andersons Inc 2.64
ANGI ANGI Homeservices Inc 2.78
ANGO AngioDynamics Inc 2.12
ANIK Anika Therapeutics Inc 8.71
ANIP ANI Pharmaceuticals Inc 6.61
ANSS ANSYS Inc 11.49
ANTH Anthera Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.66
ANY Sphere 3D Corp 6.24
AOBC American Outdoor Brands Corporation 1.65
AOSL Alpha and Omega Semiconductor Limited 2.44
APDN Applied DNA Sciences Inc 0.34
APDNW Applied DNA Sciences Inc 0.11
APEI American Public Education Inc 6.70
APEN Apollo Endosurgery Inc 1.46
APLS Apellis Pharmaceuticals Inc 3.70
APOG Apogee Enterprises Inc 5.57
APOP Cellect Biotechnology Ltd 1.95
APOPW Cellect Biotechnology Ltd 0.71
APPF AppFolio Inc 13.13
APPN Appian Corporation 3.96
APPS Digital Turbine Inc 0.37
APRI Apricus Biosciences Inc 20.63
APTI Apptio Inc 4.88
APTO Aptose Biosciences Inc 0.61
APVO Aptevo Therapeutics Inc 1.29
APWC Asia Pacific Wire & Cable Corporation Limited 0.20
AQB AquaBounty Technologies Inc 0.77
AQMS Aqua Metals Inc 0.50
AQXP Aquinox Pharmaceuticals Inc 5.55
ARAY Accuray Incorporated 0.62
ARCB ArcBest Corporation 5.80
ARCC Ares Capital Corporation 0.84
ARCI Appliance Recycling Centers of America Inc 0.19
ARCT Arcturus Therapeutics Ltd 1.52
ARCW ARC Group Worldwide Inc 0.47
ARDM Aradigm Corporation 0.80
ARDX Ardelyx Inc 1.45
AREX Approach Resources Inc 0.73
ARGX argenx SE 11.20
ARII American Railcar Industries Inc 10.61
ARKR Ark Restaurants Corp 1.99
ARLP Alliance Resource Partners LP 1.36
ARLZ Aralez Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.67
ARMO ARMO BioSciences Inc 8.98
ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc 3.81
AROW Arrow Financial Corporation 2.16
ARQL ArQule Inc 1.44
ARRS ARRIS International plc 2.36
ARRY Array BioPharma Inc 1.70
ARTNA Artesian Resources Corporation 1.53
ARTW Arts Way Manufacturing Co Inc 0.31
ARTX Arotech Corporation 0.39
ARWR Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc 4.16
ASCMA Ascent Capital Group Inc 2.80
ASET FlexShares Real Assets Allocation Index Fund 0.66
ASFI Asta Funding Inc 0.48
ASMB Assembly Biosciences Inc 11.54
ASML ASML Holding NV 17.25
ASNA Ascena Retail Group Inc 0.92
ASND Ascendis Pharma A S 6.86
ASNS Arsanis Inc 7.88
ASPS Altisource Portfolio Solutions SA 4.18
ASPU Aspen Group Inc 1.13
ASRV AmeriServ Financial Inc 0.15
ASRVP AmeriServ Financial Inc 1.14
ASTC Astrotech Corporation 0.87
ASTE Astec Industries Inc 10.42
ASUR Asure Software Inc 4.11
ASV ASV Holdings Inc 2.09
ASYS Amtech Systems Inc 1.87
ATAC Atlantic Acquisition Corp 0.60
ATACR Atlantic Acquisition Corp 0.20
ATAI ATA Inc 0.23
ATAX America First Multifamily Investors LP 0.27
ATEC Alphatec Holdings Inc 0.60
ATHN athenahealth Inc 11.15
ATHX Athersys Inc 0.27
ATLC Atlanticus Holdings Corporation 0.67
ATLO Ames National Corporation 1.74
ATNI ATN International Inc 10.23
ATNX Athenex Inc 2.39
ATOM Atomera Incorporated 1.12
ATOS Atossa Genetics Inc 2.10
ATRA Atara Biotherapeutics Inc 5.41
ATRC AtriCure Inc 5.87
ATRI Atrion Corporation 66.32
ATRO Astronics Corporation 2.84
ATRS Antares Pharma Inc 0.49
ATSG Air Transport Services Group Inc 2.06
ATTU Attunity Ltd 5.68
ATVI Activision Blizzard Inc 11.05
ATXI Avenue Therapeutics Inc 0.87
AUBN Auburn National Bancorporation Inc 5.33
AUDC AudioCodes Ltd 2.10
AUPH Aurinia Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.50
AUTO AutoWeb Inc 1.90
AVAV AeroVironment Inc 18.90
AVDL Avadel Pharmaceuticals plc 2.34
AVEO AVEO Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.52
AVGO Broadcom Limited 16.54
AVGR Avinger Inc 1.93
AVHI A V Homes Inc 1.92
AVID Avid Technology Inc 0.54
AVNW Aviat Networks Inc 1.34
AVXL Anavex Life Sciences Corp 0.53
AWRE Aware Inc 0.30
AXAS Abraxas Petroleum Corporation 0.53
AXDX Accelerate Diagnostics Inc 4.55
AXGN AxoGen Inc 10.26
AXSM Axsome Therapeutics Inc 1.64
AXTI AXT Inc 1.41
AY Atlantica Yield plc 0.66
AYTU Aytu BioScience Inc 16.96
AZPN Aspen Technology Inc 12.12
AZRX AzurRx BioPharma Inc 0.53
BABY Natus Medical Incorporated 2.26
BAND Bandwidth Inc 9.33
BANF BancFirst Corporation 3.83
BANFP BancFirst Corporation 0.64
BANR Banner Corporation 3.72
BANX StoneCastle Financial Corp 0.90
BASI Bioanalytical Systems Inc 0.26
BATRA Liberty Media Corporation 1.51
BATRK Liberty Media Corporation 1.46
BBBY Bed Bath & Beyond Inc 3.21
BBGI Beasley Broadcast Group Inc 2.85
BBH VanEck Vectors Biotech ETF 6.20
BBOX Black Box Corporation 0.80
BBSI Barrett Business Services Inc 11.75
BCAC Bison Capital Acquisition Corp 0.19
BCACR Bison Capital Acquisition Corp 0.07