WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Stock Volume - Impact On Prices

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This report analyzes the impact of recent 52-week volume of WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) stock on the share prices (and gains). After reading the report, you will be in a better position to assess the future impact of volumes on prices.


Note: Volume is a measure of the total number of shares traded in the market. These are the tiny bars you will see at the bottom of the conventional price charts.

Below is a table of contents to help you navigate through the report. There are 5 sections in this analysis report.

  1. How WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Weekly Volumes Are Affecting Price
  2. Did 30 Highest Volume Days Of WGF1 Closed In Profits?
  3. How WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Monthly Volumes Are Affecting Price
  4. Volume Of WGF1 Vs Similar Stocks
  5. How Annual Volumes Are Affecting WGF1 Price

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1 How WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Weekly Volumes Are Affecting Price

First, let us see a graph representing the weekly prices and volumes for the recent 52 weeks between 05-02-2018 and 05-02-2019.

Note: Since prices and volumes are on different scales, we have plotted the percentage change in volumes against the percentage change in prices. In other words, each value denotes the difference (%) between the spot volume/price and the initial volume/price at the start of the graph.

WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Stcok Current Year Volumes By Weekly

Note: To understand how we created the above graph, here is a table showing sample data.

WeekPrice (Avg.) (€)Price Change (%)Volumes (Avg.)Volume Change (%)

Now we are going to see if there is a relationship between weekly average volumes of WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) shares with that of the stock prices. We are going to check the "Correlation" between weekly volumes and prices.

Note: If the word correlation is new to you, here is a simple explanation. Correlation is a technique that apart from other things gives out a number called the correlation coefficient. This coefficient is a measure of how two variables (in our case price and volume) are related. The coefficient can assume values between -1 to +1. Before measuring the coefficient for WGF1 shares, below is a table that will guide to interpret the value.

Value Interpretation
-1 to -0.5. If volume decreases price increases almost always
-0.5 to 0 If volume decreases price increases but not always
0 There is no relationship between volume and price
0 to 0.5 If volume increases price increases but not always
.5 to 1 If volume increases price increases almost always

WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Stock's Price-Volume Correlation Coefficient

We are not going show you the elaborate method of finding the correlation coefficient. (You can read about the method in math books.) Instead, we will straightaway let you know the value between the average volume and price of WGF1 shares.

Correlation Coefficient Between WGF1 weekly volumes and prices = 0.24


0.24 indicates a week positive correlation, if volume increases price increases but not always.

2 Did 30 Highest Volume Days Of WGF1 Closed In Profits?

Note: *This section uses close and not adjusted close.

High volume corresponds to a high interest over a stock. There can be multiple reasons for people showing extraordinary interest towards a share. Positive news like higher than expected earnings will most certainly increase volumes and prices. Negative news like lower than expected profits and tax hikes can again lead to an increase in volumes (but there will be more selling than buying).

Now let us check if the top 30 highest volume days of WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) resulted in profits. Below table gives you the data.

DateVolumeOpen (€)Close (€)(Close - Open) (€)Profit/LossGain (%)

3 How WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) Monthly Volumes Are Affecting Price

This section is similar to the third section except that now we are going to check the impact of monthly volumes. The timeframe of analysis is similar to that of the first section. We have considered recent 52 weeks of data between 05-02-2018 and 05-02-2019.

Below is the graph showing the monthly volume against monthly price. The graph shows the change (%) in volume against the change (%) in price for you to understand better.

10 Months Price, Volumes Chart -

A sample of data used to create the above graph is shown below.

MonthPrice (€)Price Change (%)VolumesVolume Change (%)

The correlation between the monthly volume and price turns out to be 0.18. Therefore we have a week positive correlation, Meaning - If volume increases price increases but not always.

4 Volume Of WGF1 Vs Similar Stocks

You already know that volume is a measure of interest in a particular stock. The reason may be good or bad. The higher than average volume can drive prices up or down depending upon the amount of selling compared to buying. This section compares the interest shown by investors in WGF1 compared to 5 similar stocks in recent 52 weeks.

TickerStock NameVolumesAvg. Price (€)Highest Price (€)Lowest Price (€)
BSTBASTEI LUEBBE AG O.N.10972.303.481.55
APMAD PEPPER MEDIA EO 0,0510593.324.151.90
EDLEDEL AG O.N.4493.113.662.38
99SCSTARAMBA SE O.N.43633.8365.209.40
WGF1WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ 71717.9014.50

As you can see in the above table, WILLIAMS GPHLDLS 05 DZ (WGF1) can be ranked sixth on volume scale.

5 How Annual Volumes Are Affecting WGF1 Price

This section is similar to the first and third sections. The first section checked the impact of weekly volume on prices while the second section analyzed the impact of monthly volumes. Now we are going to check the impact of annual average volumes. Below is the volume-change vs price-change graph.

10 Year Volumes Chart -

Below table lists a sample of data used to draw the above graph.

YearPrice (Avg.) (€)Price Change (%)Volumes (Avg.)Volume Change (%)

The correlation coefficient between the volume and price is -0.05. This is a week negative correlation, Meaning - If volume decreases price increases but not always.

Summary of correlation coefficients of weekly, monthly and annual volumes against price.

Volume Averaged OverCoefficientMeaning
Weekly0.24week positive
Monthly0.18week positive
Yearly-0.05week negative

Conclusion :

Volume is an important metric in combination with the price to assess the trend of a stock. For example, if a stock moves steadily up but is associated with feeble volumes, the movement may not be sustainable. On the other hand, if the stock is moving up while the volume is also increasing steadily, the movement will be a sustainable bullish run. Therefore volume plays a key role in assessing the sustainability of a trend.

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